Building positive relationships through understanding and trust

David is an accomplished facilitator and project manager with 40 years of results-oriented experience. Over the course of his career in government, industry and consulting; David has developed an outstanding reputation for being a strategic, creative and innovative leader who consistently achieves goals and objectives. He continues to be a trusted advisor to industry leaders.


Shortly after receiving his Master of Science in Geography from the University of Alberta, David developed and implemented some of the first integrated resource management plans for Alberta’s Eastern Slopes. David’s love for the mountains has been a mainstay throughout his career. He is a past member of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative Board of Directors.


While at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, he developed an ecological land classification system for the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. Today, as a member of the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area Advisory Board, he works with First Nations, guides, outfitters, conservationists and members of the local community. The Board provides resource management advice to the Premier of British Columbia for a large wildland area in the Northern Rocky Mountains.


Eileen is passionate about communication and committed to continual development of her consultation and engagement skills and methods. She is a graduate of Simon Fraser University's Public Relations program, holds a certificate in Public Participation from IAP2, and is recognized by colleagues and clients for building relationships, maintaining a positive outlook and having a flexible adaptable approach. 


In her role, Eileen is responsible for the effective planning and execution of communication strategies and plans, as well as consulting with stakeholders and evaluating results. 


Earlier in her career, Eileen graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with a diploma in television and video production, and continues to be intrigued by stories told visually.



Connor has experience focusing on Aboriginal engagement pursuant to the Government of Alberta Policy, Guidelines and Procedures. He has an

in-depth knowledge and understanding of the processes and steps involved in First Nations consultation in the province.


​Connor believes that while consultation is a regulatory requirement, finding the balance between meeting regulatory requirements and developing mutually beneficial relationships is the primary task. Navigating between regulatory, client, First Nations and community expectations is a challenge, but requisite to positive, mutually beneficial outcomes.


​Connor has a multi-faceted academic background, holding a diploma in Journalism as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media. Most recently Connor successfully completed the IAP2 Public Participation certificate program. 






Our family values honesty, accountability and respect. These principles are embedded in our approach to business and guide us professionally when engaging the individuals we work with.


Starting in supporting roles in David's former Aboriginal and stakeholder consulting business, Connor and Eileen are now full partners and co-directors of Drystone. David’s role is primarily as an advisor, where his years of experience and wealth of knowledge are invaluable. We have happily and productively evolved into a team of colleagues with diverse, complementary skills and perspectives.


Drystone is singularly focused on providing our clients with requisite knowledge and ability for success. Through trust-built relationships and clear communication, we produce positive, consistent results.


 aboriginal consultation

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For the past 14 years, Drystone’s founder and senior partner has helped clients develop and implement consultation and engagement strategies and plans with First Nations and Métis communities in both Alberta and British Columbia.


Drystone has extensive knowledge and expertise in consulting and engaging with First Nations, pursuant to the Government of Alberta First Nations Consultation Policy, Guidelines and Procedures. We have worked on a wide range of projects with sand and gravel, upstream oil and gas, oil sands and petrochemical companies. The Drystone team has successfully completed KWUSEN Community Knowledge Keeper Training to help assist in the consultation and engagement process.


We have also had the privilege of working directly with First Nations in both Alberta and British Columbia on projects and initiatives important to their communities.  


In Alberta, several First Nations communities have developed their own consultation protocols and procedures. Although the Government of Alberta does not mandate that proponents follow these protocols, at Drystone, we feel that, where possible, it is beneficial to tailor consultation and engagement strategies and plans that align with the cultures and expectations of the First Nations involved.

We believe that open, honest and respectful consultation and engagement are the keys to building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships between resource developers and Aboriginal communities. Project success hinges on early and continued engagement throughout the life of a project.



Drystone believes that consulting and engaging communities and stakeholders – early and often – are essential processes that provide opportunity for project proponents to identify and address potential issues or concerns, while building trust and gaining support for proposed developments.    

Identifying community and stakeholder issues or concerns before submission of a regulatory application improves the prospects for:  

  • establishing mutually beneficial relationships

  • timely and cost-effective project approvals 

Drystone works strategically with clients to: 

  • develop and implement consultation and engagement strategies and plans 

  • organize and facilitate stakeholder events

  • develop consultation and engagement print and electronic materials

  • record and evaluate results 

  • compile reports for regulatory applications and their approval 


We are committed to creating opportunities that result in the identification of common values between project proponents and communities or stakeholders involved – essential to successful and timely project approval. The social and environmental contracts we help establish are the priority of Drystone's approach and practice.


​We facilitate two-way communication – allowing for accurate information to be shared, opinions and views to be sought and considered, and a constructive outcome reached for all parties. 


​Effective consultation and engagement are valuable tools that provide the basis for positive change while preserving and promoting a high quality of life and protecting the environment.